City Tour Information

Dear Conference attendee, The meeting point with the guide for the tour is next to barcaccia Fountain in the middle of the square starts 2:30 PM on Saturday (February 16, 2019). Please be on time! ...
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Conference Schedule

The conference program has been sent to those who have registered for the conference ...
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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Rome

1. THE COLOSSEUM AND THE ARCH OF CONSTANTINE The Colosseum is the largest monument left over from ancient Rome. A triumphal arch was built to honor a major turning point in history and the major transformation of the religious landscape of the western world. Owing him the influence of the ...
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Modes of Presentation

The program committee will schedule all oral and poster sessions for presentation. Oral Sessions The presentation times for oral sessions are as follows: contributed presentations are 15 minutes. Please note: You must provide your presentation for preloading. Please submit your presentation (in English, copy-edited and proofread) via email to info<@>, no later ...
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