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Hidden Gems of Brussels

December 12, 2020    0 comment

Take a walk at the edge of Brussels

Brussels is one of the greenest capitals in is even a ‘be green map’ where you can locate Brussel’s greenest places.One of its parks I enjoy the most is the Duden park. It’s one of the oldest in town, and also one of the hilliest. These remains of an old forest once belonged to a rich lace merchant, Guillaume Duden who donated it to King Leopold II on the condition it would be turned into a public park carrying his name, and so it happened a century ago.

How to have beers the Belgian way

A neighborhood of artists, poets, writers, intellectuals and musicians, St. Gilles is often seen as the Left Bank of Brussels. The influx of young French people living in and around the area certainly strengthens the image.

From necropolis to jungle

More than 200 different plant species can be found. They overgrow the dilapidated tombstones, chapels, mausoleums, and rusty Jesuses. this 1866 graveyard has slowly grown into a unique jungle since it was closed down in 1958.

Exotic flavors at the Sunday market

street markets are the heart of a city. There are plenty in Brussels, but the most famous and busy is the one on Sunday morning around Gare du Midi. You can find everything you want here, from clothes and flowers to household stuff.

Jazzy trains

They have interesting events, such as concerts, jam sessions, conferences about jazz, events for different audiences, etc.Another good reason to go to the Jazz Station is the venue. First, it’s located in an old neo-Renaissance Flemish train station dating from 1885, which is charming, historical, and quirky.

Coffee at the counter

I love standing at the bar, selecting my coffee from one of the 20 or so varieties available, and soaking in the atmosphere of its refreshingly diverse clientele. The strong aroma of coffee creates an oasis of contemplation amid the hustle and bustle of the city’s medieval center. 


Metro stop Naamse Poort is the gateway to African shops, various ethnic restaurants, Italian, Greek, Indian, Pakistan, and Belgian cuisine. This is rue Nord, Brussels commercial clothes street converted into a nice area to wander in.

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