Humanities and Social Sciences Conference

Conference History

On the 15th-17th of February 2019 we hosted the 2nd International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (IACHSS) in the dazzling city of Rome, Italy.

It was truly a pleasure to welcome the attendees from all over the world: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Indonesia, the United States, Japan

Turkey, Greece, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Albania, Israel, and others. IACHSS was a platform for academics – scholars, researchers, and doctorate students – as well as representative of for- and non-profit organizations to learn from each other and share experiences. The event was buzzing with inspiration, be it over coffee breaks or while listening to oral presentations.

The agenda covered a wide range of topics, including emotional intelligence and political behavior, religion, migrant labor practices, energy challenges, literature and cinema, and numerous others. The scientific committee of IACHSS had truly outdone itself!

While poster and oral presentations provided endless learning opportunities, the event was made even more memorable by the free guided tour of the city. Rome is a city that one can explore for weeks and still find new facets. It’s a historic place that, at the same time, is at the forefront of modernity. Its fascinating culture and architecture make it one of the most beautiful places in Europe. We were delighted to have most of the attendees join us on the tour.